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The beginning of a new year causes a lot of people to pause and take stock of their lives. The turnning of the calendar page prompts people to think about where they are vs. where they want to be. It has always been my goal to help others move forward, to live a bigger, fuller, happier life. It is this goal and mindset from which the words below came. I hope that your 2021 is off to a great start and that you find success in pursuing all of your biggest plans and dreams.

Everyone wants the life of their dreams

It isn’t so easy to create so it seems

It starts with a vision, then with a plan

A ROADMAP to where were going

Be you woman or man

Next, we find out where we can fit in and THRIVE

For lasting fulfillment in a career to feel alive

Now how will we fund this dream and our plan?

Earn more, watch expenses and invest wisely man

Who will we take with us along for the ride?

We start with our selves and we go deep inside

We see what is real and what allies belong

We find awesome mentors to help make us strong

Mind, body and spirit-strong we will be

Because high octane fuel is the intake decree

We get out and enjoy the “Goods in the Woods”

Because movement in nature is part of the shoulds

Now that you know how to handle the strife

Go dream, plan and live … A Magnificent LIFE!

Dream it… Plan it… LIVE it!

If you are hearing a calling to live a more magnificent life, I’d love for you to join me. You don’t have to do this alone. My organization, 1Life Fully Lived is nonprofit organization started in 2010 to help people create a ROADMAP to Dream, Plan, and LIVE their best lives. For the past ten years our mission has been to help people create a personal ROADMAP that provides tools and training in the 1Life CORE4 of Vision, Finances, Relationships, and Wellness that will empower them to Dream, Plan, and LIVE their best lives and help others do the same.

1Life has already helped over 10,000 people and we'd love for you to be a part of our collective success as we start our second decade. To learn more and get started building your magnificent life, click here.

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