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How Tight is Your Propeller Wound?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

I have this theory that there are three kinds of people.

  • Those that get a lot done daily.

  • Those that get some done daily.

  • Those that life "does" daily.

I know that is harsh, but my good friend Christopher Lochhead says it plainly: “There are 3 kinds of people you either suck, don’t suck, or you are legendary!” Then he says, “Think about it. When you go to a movie, it either sucked, didn’t suck or it was LEGENDARY!” Out for dinner? Same thing. “That meal either sucked, didn’t suck, or was legendary.”

Let’s look at this concept from another angle.

How many of you can remember buying a balsa wood airplane in a store as kids? It came unassembled in a plastic package. You would build it yourself and it had a rubber band to spin the propeller.

If you barely wound the rubber band, the propeller wouldn’t spin much, and the plane would fall at your feet or a few feet in front of you. If you wound the band tighter it would fly four to six feet. Which was okk, but nothing to write home about. If you wound it really tight, gave it a few more twists, and then one more super tight twist that airplane would soar! It was a sight to behold indeed. This is a legendary flight and demonstrates what happens pretty much every time you give extra effort on a worthy project or game, etc.

Here is one more example of the rewards and punishments for a tightly wound metaphorical airplane. In the 1992 movie Glengarry Glen Ross, they had a sales contest in which , the boss gave the top performers prizes. I’ve listed them below. See if they sound familiar to what I wrote above?

1St Place - A new Cadillac

2nd Place – A set of steak knives

3rd place – You’re fired!

This is an outrageous example here. But maybe not. What place are you in this example? How tightly do you wind your “Airplane Propeller?” How strong are your efforts in life?

You know how you know? Look at the results you are currently seeing in your life. Are you currently two turns short of legendary?


~ Tim Rhode

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