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What does it take to transition from your current “job” to an “Abundant Lifestyle?" I’ve observed a lot of successful people and many “not-so-muchers” over the years. I’ve asked many people how they have achieved long term success in business (and life). Of course, it takes time and action. But there is no time like the present to start on your journey to self-sufficiency.

I have put together the most important traits and actions for you to follow.

1. It takes a big WHY. Why are you doing this? What is driving you to make this change? These are important questions to ask yourself. You have to have a big WHY to really want to change.

2. It takes a SHORT TIMER'S URGENCY. You have to push yourself daily to find deals, and quickly get your team in place, in order to get your business off the ground.

3. Have a LONG-TERM VISION of where you see yourself in the business 1, 3, 5,and 10 years from now. Build your business towards the long-term success you envision. Notice how you must look at both the short term and the long term, this is critical.

4. It takes a CLEARLY WRITTEN PLAN of how to best spend your time during this transition period. Minutes, hours, and days are valuable and are best charted for maximum efficiency. I like to write out my “perfect day” and “perfect week” and go back and see how I’ve done compared to my plan.

5. It takes FINDING MENTORS who have walked the path you are on. They can guide you past the pitfalls and help shorten your learning curve…INVALUABLE!

6. It’s a WILLINGNESS TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES (legally, ethically, and morally) in order to solve people’s problems. Whether investing, selling or working for someone else. It is all about communication and your ability to connect.

7. You need the ABILITY TO STAY ON TASK and not let everyday interruptions and setbacks hold you back. Setbacks are inevitable and just part of the overall process.

8. It takes a CURIOSITY TO WANT TO LEARN AND GROW in the business. You want to hit the ground daily. Meet as many owners, clients, and potential partners as you can. Continuously work on your game. Touch a part of your project every single day.

9. You must be ok to NOT TO BE VERY GOOD, at first. This is normal. It takes lots of practice to become come great. Give yourself the gift of being able to laugh at yourself, and the discipline to keep getting back up stronger than ever after every fall.

10. Last but certainly not least, IT TAKES CARING AND COMPASSION for others. You must truly want to help others and strive to create win-win situations.

So there you have it, Tim’s most important traits and actions for making it big in business (and life). They may not make “Dave’s Top Ten List: on the Letterman show, but if you adhere to them, you can’t help but be successful, and happy with your life.

~ TR

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