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Living Life in Three Part Harmony - A Song for the Journey of Life

Dream it… Plan it… Live IT!

30 … 60… 90 …

Dream it… Plan it… LIVE! That is my mantra. It’s what I believe life is about. I want to share an interesting concept with you surrounding this mantra.

It goes like this…

  • The 1st third of one’s life is figuring out how it all works. Who the heck AM I? Where will I best fit? How will I earn a living and fend for myself? (Dream it)

  • The 2nd third is designing and building a life that will hopefully set you up for a nice “last third” of this magnificent journey. (Plan it)

  • The 3rd part, however long it lasts, should be about enjoying the fruits of your efforts and dialing in to create a lasting legacy… one that helps future generations of your family, community and humanity to live a better life because of you. (Live IT!)

All along the way we are to learn “Why was I blessed with this gift of life? What was I put here for? What are my lessons to learn? What am I here to teach and give to humanity?” Most important of all is to thoroughly enjoy the ride along the way. Best to have a reverence and zest for life daily by being present.

Of course, these “thirds” of a life well lived overlap each other. That is where the harmony comes in. It is the delicate dance of yin and yang. Two steps forward one step back. A great opportunity comes your way, then two challenges. A door closes. A new one opens, and then again.

There is also harmony with those we come across along our path. This is much like in nature. We find where we naturally fit and hopefully over time we go from merely surviving to thriving.

Here are Tim’s Top 10 Tips to maximize living your life in Three Part Harmony.

  1. Get started early – build momentum young.

  2. Realize it is not a problem if this advice is coming to you later in life – start where you are and go from there.

  3. Play your game – Don’t let others actions determine how you build your life.

  4. The thirds overlap and our past leaves big clues for our future.

  5. Get to know pure love and love the kid in you.

  6. There will be rough patches. Learn and grow from them and you will come out on the other side wiser.

  7. Be kind along the way.

  8. Share your gifts with family and friends.

  9. Avoid injury, drugs, major stress and divorce if you can.

  10. When you get to the top, throw down the rope for the next person to climb!

And finally just know…

You will either hug or curse yourself when you hit the 3rd part of your life, the time that is supposed to be your “Golden Years.” You don’t want to be poor, broken down and tired. Ideally, you’ll want to be financially free, vital, and healthy. You want to thrive in all areas and thrive for a long time!

Enjoy the journey, and “Get life’s goods” daily along your path. Your mission is to slide into home plate at a ripe old age having left nothing on the table!

~ Tim Rhode

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