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Rolling Strikes in the Bowling Alley of Life

Is this a great time to be alive or what? SO many opportunities to thrive surround us everyday. I’d argue, more than in any time in history, we have opportunities to succeed. Let’s look at a few data points.

  1. Any information you want or anything you want to learn about, is pretty much free and available on the internet.

  2. We can travel across the country or anywhere in the world in hours. Not days, weeks or months as it used to take.

  3. We have access to top mentors in any area of expertise you want to learn simply by contacting them online.

There are still many obstacles to overcome…BUT, in my humble opinion there has never been more opportunity for an enterprising youngster to make their way into their most fulfilling life IF they are willing to do the “work” necessary to get there.

Not convinced?

Let’s examine how best to play YOUR game well and to do it efficiently.

I have this theory about how life is like a bowling alley. You have the marketplace on the left gutter. You have the Government, Johnny Law, Karma, and God on the right.

It’s a wide lane with plenty of room for experimenting with how to best thrive and “hold up your end” of all dealings with all you come in contact with. Whether you are an employee, own a business, have rentals, or rent from someone. Are in a relationship, single, in school, or teaching school? Wherever you find yourself in the world, if you do right by others day in and day out you will thrive.

BUT, if you do people wrong, or try to “take the elevator to the top” instead of CLIMBING THE STAIRS, you may very well throw a “gutter ball” to the left. If you try to cheat, or do anything immoral or unlawful in your dealings with others, you may very well chuck the old gutter ball on the right side.

In today’s world where someone only has to Google you to find out all about you and how you truly operate, it is all the more important to not cheat others or do anything that may lead to a less than stellar online review.

But once again, if you follow my dad, Raymond Rhode’s simple philosophy… “You know what’s right; you know what’s wrong. Do what’s right.”

Well then, I think you will roll lot’s of “strikes and spares” and eventually create a wonderful, harmonious life full of joy, surrounded by others and you will throw nary a gutter ball in the “Bowling Alley of life.”

Roll strikes 1Lifers…

~ Tim Rhode

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