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There is No Work Like Teamwork

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Some say, “Two hands are better than one."

I say many hands are even better.

Do you ever notice when you are doing things with another, or a group, how you can exponentially get more done? This is a simple fact.

We tend to work harder, be more focused on the outcome, and want to hold up our end of the process, whatever it is we are working on. To me, this is the beauty of a mastermind or community. We all feed off the group energy to propel us to new heights we could only previously dream of.

I belong to multiple groups and have seen this play out over and over.

As an example, a guy named Saul Zenkevicious decided he was a bit unhealthy and wanted to take his fitness to another level. Previously he had never run more than 3.2 miles. He announced his intention to take his health game up to the group and asked that we hold him accountable to this intention.

Wouldn't you call a major breakthrough him running, say 5 miles? How about 10 miles? 15 miles at one time would be incredible?

Last week Saul announced (with an enormous smile) to this community that he had run 17.3 miles! He proudly shared with our group the GPS printout of how he ran all over his hometown of Chicago SEVENTEEN POINT THREE MILES!!!

This is an outrageous example of my point. Following are a few points I want to make sure you digest.

  • There is nothing like announcing to friends, family or a group your intent to accomplish something to force you to make a better plan and step it up to ensure you "get ‘er done" and don't fail in their eyes.

  • Find multiple groups (or individuals) to help you in different areas of your life like career, fitness, relationships, bird watching, skiing, finances, etc. Think of this like having your own personal board of directors.

  • Be the leader in some (where you are strong) and the follower or student in others (where you are weak or just beginning to explore). This helps you grow in many areas at once.

  • Learn to cross mentor with people. They teach you finances, you teach them health, as an example. The best cross mentoring I've found is with younger people, as they teach me tech and what is hip today and I teach them, finances, wisdom, and career ideas.

  • When we teach, we naturally up our game as we HAVE to "walk our talk." So, commit to being a mentor on something you know. You WILL grow in this area and help another.

  • Form a mastermind group of your own centered on a topic(s) of interest in your life.

  • Commit to lifelong learning.

Personally, I'm an extrovert and all of this comes naturally for me and my fellow outgoing friends. In this post I'm calling out the loners, introverts, strong silent types!!!

You know who you are! :)

You are missing out on what makes life worth living—the joys of SHARING the ups and downs of the human struggle to be your best. Please think of where you can be a better mentor or student in your life.

To me, life is like the game we played as kids—A Barrel of Monkeys. We are all connected like the monkeys in the game. We are lifting another monkey up, while a monkey is simultaneously lifting us.

What a truly beautiful picture that is.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, my wish is that you help spread this philosophy with your tribe.

- TR

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