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Vision planning and legacy building

  • vision planning and legacy building

Real Estate inVesting

growing passive income

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After professionally coached over 250 people during his time in the real estate industry, Tim has decided to retire from professional coaching. 


However he has devoted a portion of his time to working directly with the people who are supporting 1Life Fully Lived, a nonprofit devoted to impacting students individuals, and families suffering from homelessness, domestic violence, crime, and poverty throughout the world. 

How to Work With Tim

For Individuals

1 - Support 1Life Monthly 

Tim has donated a portion of his time to work with monthly supporters of 1Life Fully Lived

2 - Attend a 1Life Roadmap Workshop

Tim hosts various fundraisers around the country to help individuals upgrade the most important areas of their life. The workshops help fund the 1Life Dare2Dream program that helps thousands of students, individuals, and families throughout the United States!

Want to hop on a call with Tim? Fill out this Contact Form

For Businesses

1 - Employee Workshops and Retreats

Tim can come into your business and will work with your team members through personalized workshops.The workshops help companies and employees succeed by offering employees a Roadmap to achieve success in their personal lives and benefits the company by improving company culture and retention. (Limited to Northern California)

2 -Leadership and Sales Development

Motivate and inspire your sales team by giving them more clarity and direction. Give your sales team the tools and the Roadmap they need to improve their efficiency, effectiveness, and ability to hit their goals. Set your sales team up for success, momentum and growth so you can achieve your organization’s goals. 


1life journal.jpg

1Life Roadmap Journal

The 1Life Roadmap is an interactive journal designed to help teens and young adults Dream, Plan, and Live their most fulfilled life. 

tribe of millionaires.jpg

Tribe of Millionaires


Part personal development guide, part adventure tale: Tribe of Millionaires teaches readers six timeless lessons about the power of those around us to transform our lives.


Jumpstart Your _______!



26 Inspiring Entrepreneurs Share Stories and Strategies on How to Jumpstart Many Areas of Your Life, Health and Business.

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